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established a social policy advocacy organization on haiti in the united states, for the advancement of haitians and from its inception it played a pivotal role in the social economic needs of the poor in haiti. and the manager of the bureau of the international in haiti from 1996 to 2004. i am still working on my spanish. my french is way behind and worked with the united nations as a human rights officer in 1995 to 1996. he founded the institute for justice and democracy in haiti and has been its director since 2004 and prepared the prosecution of the robert hill massacre trial in 2001, the most significant human rights case in the western hemisphere. they will speak in the order i have introduced them. [applause] >> thank you. thank you to the congressional black caucus. i was asked to make a few remarks. i will make them brief. you can summarize the history of a country in seven minutes. we were talking about that a moment ago. rather than do that there will be some twice told tales in these notes. at howard university we are trying to do what we can at this moment. we had severa
people are looking at the support of the african disapera. we'll continue to uplift the people of haiti through partnerships with the government, the us-aid, the ngo and the people who continue to play an important role in the process. we look forward to the outcomes of the upcoming meetings and events and trips. we continue to share our ideas with you, but less continue to share your ideas with us, as you move forward, as you visit, as you communicate, as you institute plans, we want to be a part of sharing information so that we can strengthen all of this together and not be working individually. i want to give a special thanks to donald payne, he came in and out, but his staffers, stephanie, in his office was very helpful to us. robert and patrice in the office, and barbara lee were also helpful. to cons stands christiansen, who spent a considerable amount of time with us to serve as moderator and to those members, especially those in leadership, who were able to show up, we appreciate your time. so thank you for coming out today, thank you for you were support and thank you for your
with the financial services committee. haiti was struck by a devastating earthquake on january 12, 2010. according to the u.s. agency for international development, 230,000 people were killed and 1.3 million people were displaced from their homes. there is a desperate need for clean water, food, shelter and sanitation. three million people, 1/3 of the population were affected. today, we are fortunate to have in this country the president of haiti, president preval. c.b.c. has been meeting with the president and he thanked us all, not only the members of the congressional black caucus but the american people, for the aid we have provided to haiti and thanked all the american agencies for the lives they have saved and the food they have distributed, along with the water and medical care and much more. he reminded that the rains and hurricanes are perhaps coming and there are needs for shelter and long-term housing. we are talking about the one of the most important things to do and that is to cancel its debts. haiti's democratic government has worked in recent years to qualify for debt relief. in or
haiti's debts to such institutions and for other hurps. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the rule, the gentleman from new york, mr. meeks, and the gentleman from california, mr. miller, each will control 20 minutes. the chair recognizes the gentleman from new york. mr. mix: madam speaker, i ask unanimous consent -- mr. meeks: madam speaker, i ask that all members have five legislative days to revise and extend their remarks on this legislation and insert extraneous material thereon. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. meeks: i yield myself five minutes. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for five minutes. mr. meeks: -- the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman will suspend, please. if we could get some order. if -- will people please take their conversations off the floor. the gentleman will proceed. mr. meeks: today, madam speaker, we consider an issue close to all of our hearts. haiti suffered a devastating earthquake on january 12 of this year. the country, which was finally making strides to a more stable and economic political role after so many fai
insights and experiences and understanding the challenges facing haiti as well as the opportunities for confronting these challenges as we move forward. many of us have been working for many years, since the 70s. often times we worry because haiti and its issues are never put on the front page of the newspaper so people don't understand what is taking place in haiti and the resilience of the haitian people and the beauty and strength of the haitian people. and how our policy has not really been what it should have been to support haiti and the people of haiti in a way that helps the haitian people move forward in terms of their development of the country. .. >> to make sure haiti is not put on the back burner. there's such a wonderful historical relationship, members of congressional black caucus wanted to do this because we don't think many know about the special relationships the united states has with haiti and its history. and so this focus on haiti really is a focus on haiti, but it's also a refocus on haiti. because i think we owe haiti and the haitian people at debt of gratit
discussion about haiti's relief effort. >> and public hearings we are covering to tell you about the house oversight committee votes a treasury department programs pointed to prevent home foreclosure. they will hear from secretary of state clinton and defense secretary robert gates. how he can watch both of these live on c-span3 in online and c- >> our commitment to israel's security and israel's future is rock-solid, on lettering and unwavering come in during, and forever. you can search it, clip it come and share it, and more. there are 160,000 hours of video >> on tuesday, she talked of the u.s. up the economy and the potential for future interest-rate hikes she is being considered for the post of federal reserve. this event is an hour. hello and thank you for coming. i'm very grateful to town hall los angeles for organizing this event. it gives me an opportunity to explain to you how i see the economy shaping up in the months ahead. i will also use the occasion to talk about several issues that are high on the public policy now, federal budget deficits. deficits and the prope
than $5 billion to help rebuild haiti. judy woodruff talks to susan rice, u.s. ambassador to the united nations. >> lehrer: next, number two in our peru series. ray suarez reports on efforts to tackle one of the world's biggest health problems. >> peru had a very high death rate for women in childbirth, especially here in the rural areas, but new strategies for the end of pregnancy are pushing those rates dramatically lower. >> brown: and, with the census deadline looming, we'll talk to director robert groves about the challenges of the once-a-decade count. >> lehrer: that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> what the world needs now is energy. the energy to get the economy humming again. the energy to tackle challenges like climate change. what if that energy came from an energy company? everyday, chevron invests in people, in ideas-- seeking, teaching, building. fueling growth around the world to move us all ahead. this is the power of human energy. chevron. monsanto. producing more. conserving more. improving farmers' lives.
recovery effort in haiti. we expect to hear from the president live later this hour. white house correspondent suzanne malveaux joins us. a couple of things obviously on the agenda here. let's first talk about haiti. the president meeting with haiti's president. >> reporter: he is, as a matter of fact, in the rose garden. they're going to come out with some statements, but essentially rene preval, the president of haiti, is going to be talking about ways long term to help his country and the president is very interested in what he has to say. this is all in anticipation of a march 31st conference, an international conference by the united nations to fig out, tony, not just what haiti needs in terms of blankets and food and medicine and shelter, that type of thing, but what do they need in five or ten years from now. how are they going to change their government, their agriculture, the way they do business so they are not dependent on other nations. that is part of the plan here. that is part of what we heard from secretary hillary clinton who met with preval yesterday. she said o
for a second time in two days, leaving 12 dead. the u.s. and the e.u. pledge to $0.7 billion to rebuild haiti. the u.n. is seeking at least 1 billion more. it could belgium be the first to ban it? welcome to "bbc world news," broadcast on pbs in america and around the globe. coming up later, a special report, witnesses to the violence in kenya starting to mysteriously disappear. she was air lifted to a new life in britain after the vietnam war. the story of her life. >>> hello. a rebel chechen leader says he ordered monday's suicide bombings on the moscow metro which killed 39 and injured at least 70. the claim appeared on islamic websites but there is no other confirmation. russian officials have suggested insurgents from the north caucuses are responsible. and a second suicide bomb attack in russia has killed at least 12 people, including several police. >> the first funeral being held here in moscow for one of the victims of monday's suicide bombings on the metro. she was de 20-year-old student who lost her life. just hours after the funeral, a video emerged on the internet, apparently sho
in haiti. they were from belgium and the czech republic and were held for five days. they are part of the front your efforts to help the victims of the earthquakes in january. it was thought that they were the first foreign nationals to be kidnapped. thousands of protesters have gathered in rome, in a demonstration against the economic policies of the italian government. they are calling for better job security. the demonstrators are not happy with how burlesque tony -- berlusconi is dealing with the current issues. portugal is voting on a belated budget. they are working to bring the deficit down by 2013. the legislation isxpected to pass, and there will be more strikes proposed during this process. the third series of the indian premier league will begin in the city of mine by -- mumbai. the authorities have decided to safely a range -6- fleet arrange -- safely arrange this. back to you, stephen. >> officials in new york will pay over $650 million to thousands of workers who were at ground zero on september 11. more than 10,000 people say that they bame sick after bringing -- bre
the relief efforts in haiti. this also is really worthy of us coming together quickly in this tax season and allowing americans to make contributions to chile and in fact extending the period of time that their able to make -- they're able to make contributions to haitian relief efforts all in the context of completing their 2009 tax return. why is this important? it's important because in order to bring rescue and recovery in times of great crisis, it takes more than simply the american government working, that's important, but it also takes the american public. i had an event in my district, mr. speaker, a couple of weeks ago where we brought together folks to discuss haitian relief efforts. and my recollection is that there was a red cross official who was there and she said a very interesting things, she said that the event in haiti, and i know we're talking about chile today primarily, but she said the event in haiti had redefined what it means to be local. i thought, isn't that interesting? here we have folks that have responded incredibly generously, americans have, at the sight a
at the situation in haiti. the crew from the usns comfort is home after two months of helping earthquake victims in haiti. we'll have more on the return. >>> and then census forms will be joining today. and the director of census bureau joins us. >>> and holly and dave continue our mascot madness. >> reporter: we are rocking it out now, right, dave? >> we are down to the final three. who will play screech for the right to be named the march madness champion. we'll find out in a moment when fox news rocks on.  >>> welcome back. the usns comfort is on the way back home to baltimore after two months of helping earthquake victims in haiti. the ship stopped in norfolk. there were kissed when they arrived back at the bethesda naval medical has more on the - awaited return. >> reporter: right on time, the buses pulled up and the heroes piled out. back home after a two-month deployment to earthquake ravaged haiti aboard the usns comfort and nothing feels as good as a hug especially if you are a mom leaving behind three young kids. >> made my day. great to be home. >> how much did you miss
. >> and a film about power and corruption in haiti. its director hopes it shows the country is looking to its future. a rocket fired from the gaza strip has killed a farm worker in southern israel, the first death from such an attack since the israeli offensive last year. two groups have claimed to carry out the attack. israel claims its response will be strong and appropriate. the rocket strike struck -- european foreign policy chief catherine ashton left for israel. we have this report from gaza. >> there is not much traffic into gaza. edashton is one of the few western senior political figures to have passed through in the last few hours. upon arrival, she had company. the media scrutiny, reflecting the rarity of such a visit. >> [unintelligible] it is already an area where we desperately need support. what i came for was to support the people. >> even as katherine asked and made her way through gaza -- catherine ashton if your way through gaza, a reminder that not everything goes as planned in the middle east. a farm worker was killed by a rocket. it is a reminder for white israel says th
if their vehicle was better protected. >>> the life of haiti's homeless children, the what they faced even before the earthquake. >>> now that the olympic games are over, let the blame games begin. with a meager medal count,ill russian heads now roll? >>> from the different perspectives of reporters and analysts from the globe, this is "worldfocus." major support has been provided by rosalind p. walter and the peter g. peterson foundation, dedicated to promoting fiscal responsibility and addressing key economic challenges facing america's future. and additional funding is provided by the following supporters -- >>> good evening, welcome to "worldfocus." i'm daljit dhaliwal in new york. >>> we begin again tonight with the aftermath of that massive earthquake in chile, which killed some 800 people and continues to present an unprecedented challenge for that country. some new images emerged today of what it was like when the quake struck early on saturday morning. these pictures were taken by a surveillance camera inside a nightclub in santiago. but it was south of the capital where the worst damage
, just $329. very cool styling. so affordable. just $329, from jennifer. >>> haiti's president and first lady are here in washington to remind leaders that the major rebuilding has yet to begin and it will cost billions. bruce johnson was sent to haiti following that january earthquake. this evening he reports on a local university in its efforts to help the haitian first lady. >> elizabeth preval, haiti's first lady, along with renee escaped death in january, when the earthquake destroyed the presidential palace. more than 200,000 haitians were killed. more than a million were made homeless. >> we have a lot of food that has been distributed, maybe help has been distributed, and it is flowing out of very small space right now. >> a bet with the george washington university, looking for help for haitian students who still don't have classrooms to return to. elizabeth preval is a graduate of gw's business school. >> the schools reopen? >> gradually. > faculty and staff were in haiti 24 hours after the quake. university is prepared to bring haitian college students to its campus to co
to meet with the president of haiti, just moments away. we will take you to live coverage of that. the actual meeting is closed to the public but the president is hosting his haitian counterpart, they want to thank americans for theive outpours of support and aid recently following that earthquake. many of our american troops came home over the weekend or at least started that procession, so now the two presidents, getting together, hairan president expected to say thank you, and i'm sure they'll also be talking about further help down the road as we are committed to that area. gregg? >> gregg: for years, the state of florida has been striking out, you might say, watching from the sidelines as several professional baseball teams move their spring training camps completely out of the state. well, now they're hoping to hit a major league home run by offering incentives worth hundreds of millions of dollars. well, here's what's at stake, florida's grapefruit league as it's known sold more than 1 1/2 million dollars tickets to fans last year, that's about 6000 per game. in all, spring
haiti. a warm welcome to "bbc world news," broadcast on pbs in america and around the globe. coming up later, a special report from kenya, witnesses to the violence of the 2008 election are starting to mysteriously disappear>> "bbc world news" is presented -- starty disappear. >>> hello. a rebel chechen leader says he ordered suicide bombings monday on the moscow metro that killed 39. he appeared on a website. there is no other confirmation. russian officials have suggested rebels from the north caucuses are responsible. now, a second suicide bomb attack in russia in two days has killed at least 12 people, including several police. >> the first funeral is being held here in moscow for one of the victims of monday's suicide bombings on the metro. he was a 20-year-old student who lost his life. just hours after the funeral, a video emerged on the internet, apparently showing this man, doku umarov, leader of a militant group in the north caucasus claiming that he ordered the bombings. these were apparently retaliation for the killings of civilians in chechnya by the security forces. there
join us here today. and who continue to mourn the loss of their loved ones back in haiti. to you, and to our fellow americans, please note that you remain in our thoughts and in our prayers. the united states joins in mourning the loss of the american citizens as more than 100 americans died in this earthquake. and our hearts also go out to their loved ones. we also remember that this until does aster was an international tragedy taking the lives of dominicans, canadians, french, brazilians, and people from dozens of nations around the world. president preval and his delegation offered nothing on the status of relief, recovery and reconstruction efforts. the progress so far and the challenges ahead in a disaster that defies comprehension. to offer some perspective on the scale of haitian loss, it is as if the united states in a terrible instant lost nearly 8 million people. or it is as if one-third of our country, 100 million americans, suddenly had no home, no food, or water. it gives you a sense of relative to the population what happened in haiti. no nation could respond to su
>> lawton: coming up, major humanitarian challenges, now in chile as well as haiti. and, are seminaries adequately preparing future clergy to deal with sex and gender issues? plus, promoting middle east peace by bringing bereaved israelis and palestinians together to share their pain. captioning sponsored by the lilly endowment >> lawton: welcome. i'm kim lawton, sitting in for bob abernethy. thank you for joining us. it was a demanding week for global humanitarian groups as they raced to get emergency help to chile, even as they continued relief efforts in haiti. more than 800 people were killed and two million left homeless by last weekend's earthquake and tsunami along chile's coast. faith-based groups were among those delivering immediate aid anassessing the potential long-term needs. at the vatican, pope benedict the sixteenth offered special prayers for the victims in this predominantly catholic country. meanwhile, work continues in haiti after the devastating earthquake there. heavy rains have been complicating efforts to provide shelter to hundreds of thousands o
baltimore tonight. returned this morning after spending months in haiti helping earthquake victims. that is our big story tonight at 6. lowell melser are was on board. >> this morning call mull laws in canton when it arrived back home. >> it seems like yesterday when we boarded usns comfort back on january 60, headed for haiti and the unknown. we were on board for about two weeks. the rest of the crew was on board for a little more than two months. today's tom coming was a joy for everyone in attendance, but some crewmembers call it bittersweet. while there were plenty of tears and happy reunions everywhere you look at the kent marine terminal friday -- >> i think every single person in this country should be honored that we have people that go out and do that for us every day. >> for many of the remaining crew members, there is a sense that they wanted to do more. >> i think the american doctors and nurses made america proud. we did a very difficult job under difficult circumstances. haiti still needs a lot of help. >> we spent two weeks observing the most intense hours. 871 patie
. >> president's clinton and bush, george w. are in haiti this evening. they're surveying the earthquake relief efforts. >> an american woman accused of trying to take children out of haiti is talking about h here's to the believers. the risk-takers. the visionaries. the entrepreneurs... who put it all on the line to build and run their own businesses. at at&t, we know something about that. our company started out in a small lab, with not much more than a dream. and today, we know it's small businesses that can create the jobs america needs. that's why at&t is investing billions to upgrade and build out our wired and wireless netwks. making them faster, smarter, and more secure. connecting small businesses to markets across the country, and around the world. we invest now, because we know it will pay off... with new jobs, new growth, from a new generation, putting their belief in the future on the line. now is the time for investment and innovation. the future is waiting. and the future has always the future is waiting. and the future has always been our business. at&t. >> we still have a few s
. >> couric: and coming up next here on the "cbs evening news," billions have been raised to help haiti rebuild, but where has all that money gone? [music playing] when you take away all the canned chicken broth that adds msg, one stands alone. the secret is swanson 100% natural chicken broth. so i was surprised when my doctor told me i still had high cholesterol. that really hit me, and got me thinking about my health. i knew i had to get my cholesterol under control. but exercise and eating healthy weren't enough for me. now i trust my heart to lipitor. [ male announcer ] when diet and exercise are not enough, adding lipitor has been shown to lower bad cholesterol 39 to 60%. lipitor is backed by over 17 years of research. lipitor is not for everyone, including people with liver problems and women who are nursing, pregnant or may become pregnant. you need simple blood tests to check for liver problems. tell your doctor if you are taking other medications, or if you have any muscle pain or weakness. this may be a sign of a rare but serious side effect. i thought i was doing enough to lo
about together. and we need to innovate. favorable conditions are there and we must succeed. haiti is a country that needs to arise. as far as i can tell from your presence or this one, the political will to act and to help us in the long-term is there. the size of the country will allow us to be very specific about our initiatives, necessary initiative. we need to get over our difficulties, differences, have the confidence of trust and creativity, and transparency. you have listened and helped us and the people, the government, the people and now we are liening to you. thank you. thank you for all of us. this common endeavor. [applause] >> i think prime minister bellerive for his presentation, a very ambitious. i'm sure you will get support. excellencies, ladies and gentlemen, now i'd like to welcome several key partners in the airport of haiti. is recovery. and i would like to invite several key leaders. the first i'd like to give to ms. helen clark, chairperson of the developer group. you have the floor. >> thank you, secretary-general. president preval, secretary of state, pres
the latest from santiago and look at how this quake differs from the one that struck haiti in january. >> ifill: then, jeffrey brown examines the deal by insurance giant a.i.g. to sell its asia unit to a british company and repay some of what it owes the u.s. government. >> woodruff: tom bearden reports on colorado's budget troubles and the state's homeless. >> if we see more and more people in the shelters and on the streets, more people who are denied access to the health and the mental health services that they need, there's no escaping the fact that there will be more people dying on the streets of our country. >> ifill: an appeal heard and another dismissed at the supreme court today. margaret warner gets the story from marcia coyle of the "national law journal." >> woodruff: and canada celebrates its gold at the olympics. >> ifill: that's all ahead on tonight's pbs newshour. major funding for the pbs newshour is provided by: >> what the world needs now is energy. the energy to get the economy humming again. the energy to tackle challenges like climate change. what if that energy
are arresting people who have violated curfew. many relief organizations still have workers in haiti, dealing with recovery there. how will that affect their response to chile? >> catholic relief services responded to the earthquake in haiti, and still has 300 workers there. now chile needs help, but will there be enough resources to go around? >> this scene has become all too familiar, buildings crumbled and people desperately searching through the rubble after the earthquake. it played out in haiti two months ago and now a strong earthquake hit chile over the weekend. but the damage in haiti seems worse and there is a geological reason why. the >> the chilean earthquake was about 200 miles below the surface and the haitian earthquake was just about 8 miles. >> he also says chile is more accustomed to getting earthquakes and most buildings are built to withstand shaking. but nonetheless, there was widespread destruction. a lot of humanitarian organizations still have a fleet of workers in haiti. catholic relief services is one of them. but they said that would not change their response to ch
? >> thanks, sanjay. i've got a couple of updates out of haiti. first, the little girl i met when i was in haiti in january. doctors called her baby patricia. they thought she was an orphan. she came to them with severe injuries and then they flew her to miami for urgent medical care. and now there's a couple in haiti that say that baby's not an orphan, they say that she's their daughter and her name isn't patricia, it's jenny. they say they were separated from her by the quake and by the time they found out she was alive, they'd already been flown to the united states. this week the red cross administered a dna test that they say will prove she's their daughter. we'll keep you posted about the results. >>> and the u.s. navy ship the uss comfort has left haiti and should be arriving back in baltimore this weekend. the hospital ship left because field hospitals and other kinds of facilities in haiti are now handling a majority of the injured patients. >>> and back here at home, there's any research that says if you're a member of a minority group, you're at greater risk of developing
. the biggest break out in modern history, and the legacy of fear it has left in haiti. the french show that exposes the dangers of the extreme tv. hello to the head of the catholic church in ireland. it is st. patrick's day mass, and he admitted he had mishandled the case of a fellow priest who turned out to be a serial child abuser. sean brady and if he failed to tell police a priest was a danger to children. he went on to a salt others. brady wanted to apologize to all those "who feel i let them down." >> brady has been ahead of the catholic church in ireland for 13 years. he has had to cope with the series of revelations about child abuse scandals and cover- ups in the church. now he is facing his own controversy. with his dealings over father brendan smyth, one of ireland's most notorious pedophile priest. he was jailed in 1994 for action from 1975. he was not the senior figure in the church of the time, and he was not only one who knew of the complaints, but today at the st. patrick's day mass, he admitted he had not acted properly. >> i want to say to anyone who has been hurt by
-- haiti says that reconstruction after the quake will cost nearly $12 billion. the president of mexico calls for the united states to do their part in a violent drug travers. how far will people go to win a television game show? we will bring you the shocking reality. looking for mr. wright, the women of tokyo the back to school to learn how to catch a husband. hello, welcome to." -- welcome to "gmt." aid agencies have estimated they believe $11.5 billion to rebate -- rebuild haiti after the earthquake. we will examine the wisdom of the plan in a moment. first, the more urgent reconstruction project, the national penitentiary, it led to what many believe was the biggest jailbreak in history. we have reports on the consequences of this great escape. >> you can see why they took their chance to break out. there were nearly 400 prisoners in this single communal cells. floor space was so short they had to hang hammocks from the bars. in the chaos after the earthquake, the guards fled and the detainee is smashed and clamor their way out. >> the block needs rebuilding, the perimeter wall has
. coming up, help or hindrance? concerns that the tons of foreign food aid in haiti is slowing local production. the european union's foreign policy chief will appear at the european parliament later today outlining her plans for the new, european diplomatic corps, known as the extra no action service. >> she was a surprise choice for one of the european union's highest profile of jobs. a former trade commissioner with limited foreign policy experience, she has not had the easiest introduction to life as the foreign policy chief. although in haiti last week, she faces criticism for not going sooner after the earthquake hit. now as she appears that the european parliament in strasbourg but she is caught in a turf war with fellow european commissioners. at stake is the direction of the new diplomatic corps known as the external action service, central to the eu's hopes of forging a beefed up foreign- policy. >> it needs to speak with one voice. for that reason we need the service to be brought into existence as soon as possible. we need catherine to strengthen her office which is now u
cases. in arlington, kristen fisher, 9news now. >> president obama is meeting with haiti's president and first lady at the white house today. it is believed that the haitian president, renee preval will ask president obama for $1 billion in aid. preval's country is struggling to return to normal after the massive earthquake in january. in several nations committed to helping haiti rebuild will meet in new york next month to discuss the financial obligations. >>> right now, haiti's first lady is wrapping up a tour of george washington university. while she was there, she layed out plans for the reconstruction and reorganization of haiti's educational system. haiti's first lady earned her master's degree in business administration from the university in 1988. >>> the usns comfort is leaving haiti today for baltimore. you may remember that our reporter, scott broome, spent several days on that ship. for the past seven weeks, doctors on the ship took thousands of haitians injured by the earthquake. the comfort is expected back in baltimore next friday after a stop in norfolk, virginia. >
is helping the people of haiti survive. >>> and we begin with temperatures in the mid-40s. temperatures are going to climb into the 60s before we're done but there's rain expected in our forecast for later today and into the next day as well. we will talk about how much >>> welcome back. 5:42 on a thursday morning. there's showers on the way, but it will take a little time before the atmosphere saturates and we see it falling to the ground. what we see back to the west, a little bit of activity trying to make its way in our direction. a lot of the moisture will make it to the south and east. we wil see will see an increase. mostly cloudy skies, the winds are calm, 56% relative humidity and 30.01 holding steady on the barometer. it's a rather dry start for now. as i said the atmosphere is still dry and it has to saturate yet. 30 degrees is the temperature we begin in baltimore. down in salisbury, 39 degrees, hagerstown, 45 degrees there and as you can see, clouds are beginning to move in from the and west. that will continue to be the case the head of the low pressure center that is goin
from texas to see him. >> the comfort back from deployment and earthquake-ravaged haiti. how many people the naval doctors saved. >>> live in high-definition from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >>> good evening, everyone. jennifer gilbert is00 assignment tonight. >>> topping the news, a state-wide push to crack down on sex offenders. this week maryland lawmakers will consider a package of bills to enact longer sentences and more supervision. melinda roeder is here with more details about the bit. >>reporter: dozens of lawmakers recently wrote bills regarding sex offenders. their actions were clearly in response to the public outcry over a christmas-day tragedy on maryland's eastern shore. 11-year old sara foxwell was killed, allegedly at the hands of a sexual offender. it was a tragedy that struck a nerve among law enforcement and lawmakers. >> we want to know who the folks are that are most troublesome for society and a community. >>reporter: now a little girl's death is motivating serious change in maryland laws. the house judiciary committee passed a s
of our website at >>> as we look beyond the headlines tonight, we return to haiti with a story that we're calling the lost children of that country. it's about the plight of haiti's homeless children and what they face even at the hands of some of those who say they want to help. the.ç- filmmakers began documeng the lives of some of these children before the earthquake, and recently returned to complete their story for the new york times. >> reporter: more than a month after the earthquake first devastated port-au-prince, haiti on january 12th, cleanup crews have begun removing the rubble and the hope of finding any remaining survivors is gone. over 200,000 are presumed dead, with many more left homeless, living in tent cities on practically every square inch of space in port-au-prince. >> oh, my gosh. it looks like a bomb in iraq. >> reporter: nestle augustine is our guy. he grew up in port-au-prince and knows these streets as well as anyone. he believes one of the lasting devastating effects from the ea amount of kids left homeless when their parents were killed
's attention was focused on haiti. now the united nations says there is a danger the crisis is being forgotten. there was a way of solidarity for the victims of the massive earthquake in january that led to aid money pouring in. but now the u.n. is warning its appeals for logger turn help is it not be met. they fear the government will not get the $11.5 billion it is asking for. a short while ago i spoke to the head of the u.n. food and agricultural organization who just got back from haiti and he gave us this assessment of the state of the haitian people. >> the situation is very difficult, after the loss of 240,000 people, the influx of around 600,000 people from cities into rural areas, and the rainy season are writing in march -- are arriving in march with the major growing season starting now. we unfortunately did not have all the resources necessary to help farmers with seeds, fertilizers, smalt implements -- instruments for the season that produces 60% of the production of haiti. the appeal was for $73 million. we have 20% of that amount. unless we ensure that there is employment, that
channel. thanks for watching. >> greta: a new album released today on itunes called "healing for haiti." joining us reverand franklin graham. grammy award winner michael w smith. i say it is on itunes but you can get it right here, right? >> that's right. >> greta: michael, what is this? >> a record obviously a cd. >> greta: obviously. but why? >> we wanted to come together and did something. i wrote a song four days after the earthquake in haiti. and knew that it wasn't for my record. knew it was a song of hope. this wild idea if we pull together as much as music city, nashville, tennessee artists of all genres come together which we did it has been on itunes for two, three weeks. i called franklin, he was in india and said i wrote in song. franklin thought why don't we put a whole record together? and all this money raised from the record will go to rebuild haiti. that's what we did and it is out today. >> greta: you are working%aqÑ hard. what are you doing down there now? >> we have medical teams down there. senator frist has been with us operating. he was down there the second wee
% discount at a publisher's web site. a look now at u.s. aid efforts in haiti. this is about 25 minutes. pap -- c-span 2. host: we have the administrator for the u.s. agency for international development, usaid. he is here to talk to us about foreign aid and different aspects of the foreign aid budget. doctor, if we could start with current issues, do you know how much has the u.s. government spent so far in haiti and chile? guest: between the two more than $600 million with the vast majority of that being focused on the relief effort in haiti. when this incredible earthquake happened, it was the worst natural disaster to hit haiti in centuries and destroyed critical infrastructure in and around port-au-prince. the main city. the president immediately asked for a swift and aggressive and coordinated response, so we put together a broad range of assets and capabilities and started to provide water, shelter, food and sent more than 500 search and rescue experts to we will continue to stand with haiti going forward. >> what about chile? >> they have also been hit by a tremendous earthquake, an
home. after two months of helping earthquake victims in haiti. it pulled in about noon and with a lot of people waiting to see loved ones. roz plater is live with more. >> reporter: about 75 of the personnel made it back to the bethesda naval station at 7:00 or so. and most had contact. there were a lot of how longs and questiones and a few tears. >> reporter: right on time, the buses pulled out and heros piled out. back home, the earthquake- ravaged haiti aboard the usns comfort and nothing feels as good as a hug and especially if you're a mom who left behind three young kids. >> how much did you lose? >> oh -- indescribable. >> repoer: and for this newlywed couple, absolutely nothing would stop the reunion. >> we drove 23 hours from texas to see him and through the flooding and everything. so excited. >> reporter: the 250-bed floating hospital left baltire on january 16th. with 550 medical personnel on board, including military and civilian doctors and they treated hundreds of patients in five full-time operating rooms and many say they could not have prepared for the level of devas
is back in baltimore this -- today. it is returning back from re--- providing relief in haiti. good afternoon, everyone. i am mindy basera. the u.s. and comfort made its way down to haiti and we go live to baltimore city. >> it is kind of surreal saying the u.s. and comfort back in the marine terminal in baltimore city. to my left, i want to show that there is a news conference going on. the top brass, but ship our briefing the press about the mission and what -- what happened when they were in haiti. this is where the sailors will be getting off the ship. there is about 150 navy personnel on the ship as well as 90 merchant mariners and over here to my extreme right, you can see there are a couple of the family tried to get a glimpse. there is a sea of people waiting to see their special person. there were 871 patients that were treated aboard, 843 surgeries performed during its first four days, critically injured patients were brought on board every six-nine minutes. we got to see this first hand as helicopter brought the patients in. at one point, there were 1500 people on the shi
after two month deployment to haiti they saved countless lives. john henrehan is live in baltimore where familys and friends are anxiously awaiting its return. >> reporter: i was here the day the comfort ft, january 16th, a much colder day. the folks aboard the comfort had nice weather for a long time but not a lot of time to enjoy it. it was overwhelmed when it was in haiti. all ten operating rooms were working at full capacity for a ong time. the crew from the comfort many of them have come back they made a stop in norfolk a couple of days ago. many of the members based in the baltimore washington area were bussed to bethesda naval medical center. we greeted them when they came back a couple of days ago. there are two hundred members of the crew aboard that are coming here to the port of baltimore in the next couple of hours, i want to step out of the shot to let nelson jones show you the harbor. we expect the u.s. naval ship comfort to be coming through the key bidge in the background, around 9:30 this morning and hopefully pulling up to the pier in the inner harbor around 10:30, fir
might be a memory soon. ♪ >>> and helping haiti never sounded so good. you will love the way a good deed can sound. >>> first, let's start with senator, jim bunning of kentucky. oh, boy, can you tell he and his middle finger are not running for re-election. he is standing in the way of jobless americans and their money. >> if we can't find $10 billion to pay for something that we all support, we will never pay for anything on the floor of this u.s. senate. >> what we need is to recognize there are poor people all over america desperate today. >> thanks, bunning, we are looking for foreclosure. >> there are so many layers to the story. we will try and peel them all back. does senator bunning have a good point about the $10 billion package, or is he bitter carrying out a scorched policy after his own party did not back his re-election bid? is he hurting republicans? most importantly, who is getting the shaft? we are talking about people that need unemployment benefits to get by. transportation workers, basically home on the couch because federal inspectors are now on furlough. other projec
, haiti and the real that barely two months since the earthquake this san emergency that is just beginning. i know haiti's been out of the headlines but it should not be. these are real lives at stake and just 'cause a lot of report verse left it does not mean the emergency is over. president obama made the point today, hosting haiti's president, rene preval, at the white house. the challenge now is to prevent a second disaster, and that's why at this very moment, thousands of americans, both civilian and military, remain on the scene at the invitation of the haitian government. >> that second disaster he is talking about will be caused by rain t could wash away some tent cities it can swamp others, causing diseases to spread rapidly. look already how much rain has hit in some places and the real rain is coming about a month from now. now, according to the u.n., seven sent cities, housing as many as 200,000 people right now represent dire threats, 200,000 people. pitch earth entire population of say a city like rochester new york. each and every resident in jeopardy the next time it rains
. >> we're going to bring you the entire 911 story ahead. >>> but first up, haiti and the reality that barely two months after the earthquake, this is an emergency that's just beginning. i know haiti has been out of the headli headlines, but it should not be. these are real lives that are at stake. just because real reporters have left, it does not mean the emergency is over. president obama played the point today hosting haiti's president renay preval at the white house. >> the challenge now is to prevent a second disaster. and that why at this very moment, thousands of americans, both civilian and military remain on the scene. >> that second disaster he is talking about will be caused by rain. it could wash away some tent cities it can swamp others, causing diseases to spread rapidly. look already how much rain has hit in some places and the real rain is coming about a month from now. now, according to the u.n., seven tent cities housing as many as 200,000 people right now represent dire threats. 200,000 people. picture the entire population of a city like rochester, new york. e
": the challenges facing haiti's president; charges and rebuttals on climate change; and the flying women of world war two. but first, this is pledge week on public television. we're taking a short break now so your public television station can ask for your >> ifill: now, haiti's leader comes to the united states two months after the earthquake. on his agenda: more aid for his hard hit nation. ray suarez has our story. >> reporter: the white house was the critical stop on president rene preval's washington tour, and he won a renewed commitment from president obama. >> as you declared during last month's national day of mourning, it is time to wipe away the tears. it is time for haiti to rebuild. and to you and to the haitian people, i say today, as you embark on the heavy work ahead, you will continue to have a steady and reliable partner in the united states of america. >> reporter: like much of the haitian capital, preval's own white house lies in ruins. crushed by the january 12th quake that killed an estimated 230,000 and left more than 1.2 million homeless. mr. obama lent some perspective: >
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